Full RGB Colored Wool Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4, 1.6.2 and 1.5.2

Full RGB Colored Wool Mod


Pixel artists unite!  This perfect mod helps you to change the color of wool to any color in the 16-bit color wheel we use for the time being.  This is only one part of the mod, but it’s really nice for people who like to build things by hand.

The three ”pieces” you’ll need to make this work (for people who build pixel art and other things by hand) are the dye, the wool, and the brush.  The dye is a simple recipe.  You put one Rose Red, one Lapis Lazuli, and one Cactus Green in a crafting table.  I think you need to put them in a horizontal line in that order, but it could be shapeless.

The wool’s another easy part.  Combine a piece of wool with that dye to make ”Colored Wool”.  It will only make one piece (I hope the mod maker lets us use one dye per eight wool in the future.)

The brush is the last part of this.  The recipe is this:

Posted Image

Now, you just right click the wool with the brush to open up the GUI, if you have the mode set correctly.  There are two modes, one is ”easier” (I think it’s more of a pain) the other opens a GUI.  I won’t go into the first one, since it confuses me.  But to use the second one, you just have to know how colors work.  You get this GUI when you right click:

Full RGB Colored Wool Mod

Hexa lets you choose exactly the color you want.  For example, if you want this color you would type 4b22dd into the GUI that pops up.  I promise I’ll type in normal colors for the rest of the review.

Now, there are two more items in this mod.  The Model Factory and Picture Factory.

The Picture Factory will automatically build any picture you set it to.  You have to have this picture, of course, but it will do it.  You make it like this:

Posted Image

And you use it like this:

The next one is the model factory, which you make like this:

Posted Image

And use like this:

Sorry, these machines confuse me.  I’d rather make the pictures by hand, anyway.  That’s the point of pixel art, in my opinion.

Full RGB Colored Wool ModFull RGB Colored Wool ModFull RGB Colored Wool Mod

Main Features

  • Any of the 16-bit colors are yours in this mod (that’s 16,777,216 colors, all for you.)
  • Automatically make pixel art from an image
  • Automatically make models from some kind of schematic that I’m confused about.

How to use :

  • Make the wool from earlier
  • Smack it with a paintbrush
  • Enter the color you want
  • Get the color you want

Pros and Cons


  • Tons of new possibilities for pixel art


  • Tons of new distractions from new possibilities for pixel art


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.6.4
  • Added Picture and Model Factory (I think, could be wrong)

How to Install :

  1. Forge Get!
  2. Download the RGB Wool Mod
  3. Drag it into ~.minecraftmods
  4. Run Minecraft and build Mario.

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