Cartographer Mod for Minecraft 1.7.2 and 1.6.4

Cartographer Mod


This mod basically offers a way to make and place huge maps on walls in frames within the game. Apart from offering maps side by side in a normal Vanilla fashion, you can create a large map that connects to itself like a real map would.  This is a cool and useful wall decoration that really displays its potential the bigger the map is.


This is the setup for maps and what it would look as without this mod:

Cartographer Mod

The look of the map after this mod is installed looks a lot more fancy and usable.

Cartographer Mod

Key Features

  • Offers giant and great looking maps to the game
  • Permits maps from different areas to seamlessly connect

How to Use :

Install as in the instructions and place maps you make in distinctive areas into the frames like pictured above and this will make a large map.  The creator recommends setting Jack o’ Lanterns behind the maps for lighting and avoiding any rendering bugs that Minecraft seems to have.

 Pros and Cons


  1. A much better looking map system that is both beautiful and useful for locating things
  2. Way better than a painting in your living room, a giant map of your city


  1. One of the stranger guidelines, might prove to be irritating for some players
  2. Some rendering issues but most likely Minecraft errors and not the mod


  • Updated for the current version of Minecraft
  • Added Forge installations and instructions for the 1.7.2 version

How to Install :

  1. Download and install Forge
  2. Run Minecraft to make the Mods folder in the Minecraft directories
  3. Install and start Magic Launcher
  4. Click “Setup”
  5. Choose Environment “Forge9.10.X.Y”
  6. Download the Cartographer Zip
  7. Click “Add” and select the Cartographer Zip file
  8. Click “Advanced”
  9. In the field “Parameters” add “-Dfml.ignorePatchDiscrepancies=true”
  10. Click “OK”
  11. Run Minecraft and play with the newly made Cartographer mod!
  12. Have fun enjoying this minecraft mod ^^ Cheese. Leave any comment if you have any problem concerning about this mod

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