Left4Dead Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

Left4Dead Mod


If you have ever experienced the ‘Left 4 Dead’ series of games you will understand about the online mode. The online versus permits two teams of players to regulate humans and monsters and pitch them against one another. This was barely possible on Minecraft servers, until the present! The Left4Dead Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2 permits you to allow server SMP players to fight – Humans VS. Mobs! This mod is really fun to play and can be regulated by following a basic list of server commands. I really enjoyed experiencing this mod and would suggest it to anyone!

Left4Dead Mod

 Key Features!

  • You can currently install this on a server and experience Minecraft Left 4 Dead!
  • Select either the human team or the mob team, and kill!
  • You can choose mobs as the spider, zombie, skeleton and giant!
  • Just place a spawn egg and make a right click to begin!
  • The survivors (humans) are permitted bows and swords to defend themselves!

How to use :

  • To use this mod, you need to follow the set server commands. These commands will permit you to set up your game of Left 4 Dead. You can set the spawn points for both teams, and at the same time select what team to play!

Pros and Cons!


  • Is designed and available for both client and server.
  • Is fully updated to Minecraft 1.6.2.
  • Is very fun to play with friends, and is a new experience.
  • Creating gradual progress towards 100% completion.


  • You can only experience the mobs in 3rd person.
  • The Giant mob seems slightly overpowered.
  • You can’t climb walls with Spiders.


  • The newest update for this mod updated it to Minecraft 1.6.2.

How to install the Left4Dead Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2!

  1. First of all, download the latest version of Minecraft Forge.
  2. After then, download the Left4Dead Mod.
  3. Extract the files to your Desktop with WinRar.
  4. Download Bukkit for your Minecraft Server.
  5. Drag and drop the files in your dedicated server folder.
  6. Configure the server properties to best suit the mod.
  7. Start Minecraft and enjoy your new mod!

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