ApocaBuckets Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

ApocaBuckets Mod Minecraft


You should get to high ground before installing this mod. Water in Minecraft is unrealistic when it is already. This mod offers back the Minecraft’s old water physics. The type of water that ruins everything. As a single source block of water can flood an entire world you come to respect liquids much more. Lava at the same time follows this destructive property. If I were to put a bucket of lava at block level I would be deeply in trouble. Everything at and under 50 would be swimming in lava. It’ll be difficult to prevent a wall of water when it starts.


ApocaBuckets ModApocaBuckets Mod

Key Features :

  • Downgrades Minecraft’s water physics
  • Creates dealing with liquids extremely dangerous
  • Grants you the power to efficiently crash your game and harm your world

How to use :

This mod doesn’t offer or remove any items. It just modifies how water and lava works. You can use it by placing down any liquid and seeing what occurs.

Pros and Cons

This pack is really just a novelty. It’s exciting to mess around with and that is about it. I can’t see anyone using this to promote single-player or anything like that. All I can see is someone creating a big mistake and flooding their world and work. Exciting to screw around with but not practical. The mod carries out all it said it would though and does it right.


  • The mod are successful in its purpose


  • There isn’t anything really not okay with this pack

How to install :

  1. Download your mod or mods from this minecraft site
  2. Run your launcher
  3. Get to edit profile and open your game directory
  4. Get to the versions folder (You can close your launcher at the present.)
  5. Rename the folder for the appropriate version whatever you’d like. We’ll use the example “Modded”
  6. Open this folder and rename the version’s .jar file to Moddedversion or whatever you chose
  7. Do the similar thing for the .json file
  8. Run the .json with Notepad and change  “id”:”1.7.10″ to “Modded”
  9. Run the file with the mod in it and copy paste the class files into the .jar
  10. Delete your META-INF
  11. Start your launcher again
  12. Edit profile your and select your custom version
  13. Save and login

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